Emergency medical service fund

Basic direction of Emergency Medical Service Fund

1. Objectives of the fund

To protect the people’s lives and decrease the mortality rate and disability rate of emergency patient by efficiently constructing and operating EMSS

  • To secure provision of appropriate emergency medical service to every emergency patient
  • To operate support and development program for the construction of advanced EMS institution infrastructure
  • To support and cultivate professional medical centers for main emergency diseases
  • To improve infrastructures for the promptness and appropriateness of emergency patient transport system
2. Creation of the fund

[Article 20 of the Emergency Medical Service Act (Creation of the fund)]

① The financial resources of the Fund shall be as follows: <Amended by Act No. 11004, Aug. 4, 2011>

  • 1. An amount subsidized pursuant to the National Health Insurance Act from among the amounts collected from medical institutions as a penalty surcharge by the Minister of Health and Welfare in lieu of the suspension of their services under the National Health Insurance Act
  • 2. Contributions and donations by institutions and organizations related to emergency medical services
  • 3. Contributions by the Government
  • 4. Proceeds from the operation of the Fund

② The Government shall appropriate the amount of its contributions under paragraph (1) 3 equivalent to 20/100 of the expected revenue for expenditures in the budget for each fiscal year under the following subparagraphs:

<Amended by Act No. 9305, Dec. 31, 2008>

  • 1. Administrative fines under Article 160 (2) and (3) of the Road Traffic Act (limited to fines imposed and collected by the commissioners of provincial police agencies pursuant to Article 161 (1) 1 of the same Act); <<The amended provision of this subparagraph shall be valid until Dec. 31, 2017, pursuant to paragraph (3) of the Addenda of Act No. 9305, promulgated on Dec. 31, 2008>>
  • 2. Penalties under Article 162 (3) of the Road Traffic Act

[Title amended on Aug. 4, 2011]

[Paragraph (2) 1 of this article is valid until Dec. 31, 2017 under the Legislation No. 9305 (2008.12.31)] [Enforcement date: Nov. 11. 15] Article 20

3. Use of Fund

(Article 21 of the Emergency Medical Service Act: Use of Fund) The Fund shall be used for the following purposes:

  • 1. Payment of an outstanding amount on behalf of an emergency patient under Article 22 among medical expenses charged to such patient
  • 2. Financing or financial support necessary for fostering and developing emergency medical institutions, etc. and for the construction of facilities, etc. for medical examination and treatment of emergency patients at medical institutions
  • 3. Ancillary projects to facilitate the operation of an emergency medical services provision system
  • 4. Support for medical treatment in situations such as a disaster prescribed by Presidential Decree occurs
  • 5. Education and promotion on emergency medical services, such as rescue and first aid manual
  • 6. Support for the installation of emergency equipment, such as an automated external defibrillator, to facilitate the provision of emergency medical services
  • 7. Survey and research for emergency medical services
  • 8. Support for the execution of a basic plan and a regional implementation plan for emergency medical services